Monday, January 19, 2009

Search down in Q4 '08? Online up in '09?

Did you see the news from Efficient Frontier that search went DOWN in Q4?
Not the official numbers but interesting.
Overall, we had a late surge in Nov-Dec that helped our year last year.
Our online budgets are holding steady for 09. We are generally ok. And you know, ok is the new fabulous!
I think online display spending will be up 5-10% this year. We've had a couple of inquiries already, one from a Fortune 500 company re: emerging technologies (mobile) and one from a know brand name wanting to get into web display. There will be continued growth due to new entries in the markeplace.
For search, the growth will still be about 15%.
We know that bigger companies are doing some cutbacks, but more in traditional than web. So we think online will still be a growth medium.

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