Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Media Options

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending Fortune's Brainstorm Tech. It was quite the event, with interviews by top Fortune writers and editors of folks like Biz Stone, Marc Andreesen, Mark Hurd and Jeffrey Katzenberg and others. Definitely worthwhile. PitneyBowes did some interviews to post on their blog and I was fortunate to be one of those picked to talk about my field. Check out my interview on the PB blog site where I talk about new media options. Both audio and transcribed version available.

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Laurent said...

Hi Dave

Listened to your interview and a couple of your points really resonated with me. Especially the ones around "media experts", "find what really matters", "what's really needed". I co-founded eCairn a few years ago and we have released a social media marketing platform a few months ago. The philosophy of our app is around 'community/influencers' i.e: there're so many options for brands/marketers out there that they need to target listen/engage in communities that are relevant to them (and the other way around).
To give you an example, we have a partner agency working with a company whose beverage product is based on tea and is an healthy alternative to other products in their category. We identify two sweet spots for them: tea influencers (bloggers - hundreds of them) and healthy food and beverage ones (again hundreds of them).
Thus we believe, advocate and help implement marketing strategy and plans that starts with "mapping your target community" which requires the media expertise you're referring too I think.
I'd be happy to talk more if you're open. I'm at